Présentation de l'album California

San Francisco City Hall avril06_026 avril06_027 Market St avril06_030 Chinatown de SF avril06_032 avril06_033 avril06_034 Pier 41 Pier 39 avril06_039 avril06_040 avril06_041 avril06_042 avril06_050 Golden Gate Bridge in the background Boudin: a French bread factory!!! SF skyline Golden Gate Bridge is San Francisco always grey?? Alcatraz and Liberty Island avril06_061 avril06_062 San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge The Rock The prison of Acatraz avril06_067 avril06_068 avril06_069 avril06_070 avril06_071 avril06_072 famous inmates avril06_074 avril06_075 The Hole avril06_078 Alcatraz lighthouse avril06_082 so life does exist on the rock... avril06_084 SF's Farmers Market The Buena Vista Irish coffee man! me with my fancy purple glasses! lol Golden Gate by night the chocolate factory... avril06_093 the famous cable car avril06_095 Chinatown Doorgate at night Union Square, Macy's Victorian Homes avril06_107 Nice view from Twin Peaks!!! foggy SF our van Haight St avril06_113 avril06_117 'funky house' avril06_118 avril06_119 avril06_120 avril06_115 avril06_116 Golden Gate Bridge avril06_125 avril06_126 Eva, Morgane, Jana avril06_131 the architect, Mr. Joseph B. Strauss 4200 Feet = 1280.16 Meter avril06_134 avril06_135 Hard Rock Cafe de SF For those who remember Forest Gump chocolate addict.... Bye bye San Francisco our very nice hostel instead of a floated campground packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking... Yosemite NP avril06_144 avril06_145 avril06_146 avril06_147 avril06_148 El Capitan avril06_151 avril06_152 avril06_154 Bridalveil Fall avril06_156 avril06_157 avril06_161 avril06_166 avril06_167 avril06_168 lower and upper falls avril06_171 with Eva avril06_178 avril06_179 avril06_180 on the road again... avril06_181 avril06_182 8hrs later we finally reached Death Valley Sand dunes Eva in the driest area of North America avril06_191 avril06_192 avril06_193 avril06_196 avril06_197 avril06_198 avril06_199 avril06_200 Group picture thanks to a frenchie!! avril06_204 our hotel in Vegas avril06_209 first impression of Las Vegas avril06_210 Disneyworld? no welcome to Las Vegas! small New York City you can't miss Las Vegas bl avril06_217 Monte Carlo hotel Eva and Jana on the strip avril06_222 Mini Egypt Casinos everywhere There I am! famous pyramide the aladdin strip at night mandalaybay Fountain show in front of the Bellagio Hotel avril06_226 the Bellagio Hotel Caesar Palace where Celine Dion and Elton John perform the fountain show by night avril06_236 Mini Paris !!! avril06_233 not homesick! with Jana (in case u want the pic!) Jana, Eva and me avril06_241 avril06_243 our a Limo ride! have a look inside... avril06_249 avril06_250 avril06_253 avril06_260 the limo empty with a huge TV screen show on Fremont St fremontst avril06_258 pic3 a piano on a truck, why not?? avril06_264 avril06_268 avril06_278 Pure, the Caesar Palace's club avril06_384 arrivee au barrage le Hoover Dam avril06_282 avril06_283 welcome to Arizona Jana et moi avril06_232 le Grand Canyon avril06_272 avril06_284 sunset avril06_286 avril06_287 avril06_288 avril06_2921 avril06_2931 Eva and Jana avril06_2951 avril06_297 avril06_298 visitor center (one more!) les differentes strates canyon helicopter ride! Jana is ready almost there! avril06_308 Colorado river Grand Canyon avril06_311 avril06_312 avril06_313 south rim avril06_316 avril06_318 avril06_319 still snow! avril06_326 avril06_327 avril06_333 awesome ride! the helicopter's shadow... avril06_339 Heliport souvenir Route 66 avril06_349 it's worth reading... avril06_348 Harley... avril06_357 avril06_358 Lake Havasu in the middle of nowhere nice spot to camp the beach bath time! sunset sunsetlakehavasu Havasu City London Bridge van Joshua Tree NP where we all got sunburnt right Derek? avril06_368 avril06_371 Joshua trees avril06_370 cactus avril06_374 avril06_376 avril06_377 avril06_378 windmills in the van with Eva and Jana Welcome to LA Hollywood!!! Madonna's ex driveway, youhou... Hollywood boulevard Walk of fame ya meme Docteur Quinn!!! at last someone famous! avril06_403 Chinese Theatre avril06_389 avril06_399 celebrities' foot and hands prints avril06_402 here is Johnny Depp... where the oscars ceremony takes place avril06_391 avril06_394 avril06_396 avril06_397 Farmers market avril06_410 avril06_411 Rodeo drive avril06_414 avril06_415 my car :) ok it was Bijan's car... we were asked to stay on the sidewalk of that store I wonder why! Pretty Woman's hotel... 3rd st promenade big shopping street avril06_425 Santa Monica, LA's beach the swings avril06_428 avril06_429 Nalla and Steffi enjoying the Pacific Ocean! could be a nice job! lifeguard stand Welcome to Universal Studios! avril06_431 located in Universal City avril06_003 avril06_005 avril06_006 the rollercoster avril06_447 studios... Apollo 13 Space capsule Notting Hill Library Little Paris... avril06_436 cafe Mouffetard ;) avril06_440 need damage homes? Gladiator special effects- need fire? need rain? Universal Studios Crash site from War of the Worlds the most expensive site in the Universal Studios Tom Cruise walked Homes in Desperate Housewifes! nothing is real... avril06_014 Downtown LA the best place where we slept! i also liked Lake Havasu though Bye bye California THE END